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Young journalist who set up a sports news agency dies at 27


News agency founder, Charles Golder has died at the young age of 27.

Late Charlie as he was fondly called was a sufferer of the extremely rare Pompe disease, a genetic condition that wastes muscle and often leaves sufferers crippled and wheelchair-bound.

Charlie was diagnosed at the age of 15 but he managed to put on muscle when others would have been losing it and he stayed on his feet.

Charlie has been ill for some days but carried on working that illness turned out to have been a collapsed lung. He was moved into hospital where they found his cancer had returned and spread and that it was very aggressive.

Months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy followed but they appeared to be ineffective and in October 2017, while waiting for an MRI scan on his back which was causing him severe pain, his legs suddenly failed him and he was again taken into emergency surgery for an operation on his spine.  He would never walk again.

But Charlie never gave up hope. From his hospital bed, he once again restarted plans for Golder’s News and Sports, working on the logos and webpage, and organising staff. His brother Joe is to take over the agency, with its three staff, that Charlie founded. It will reopen for business on 22 January.




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