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Why Most Ghanaians Don’t Inform Their People Before Traveling Abroad


Traveling abroad in Ghana is considered a really big deal to people back here. The news is considered as a great feat when delivered to friends and family prior to your voyage.

People back home tend to look at in a different way, let’s just say a much respectable way.  It almost seems like you just hit the biggest jackpot ever. With all of these, you would think the masses that travel outside Ghana give a heads-up to their people before their voyage. Amusingly, that is not mostly the case in our part of the world; Ghana and Africa as a whole.

Monte OZ brings to you some interesting reasons why most people don’t inform relatives and friends before traveling.

1. Superstitious plots

The one ideology that seemingly can’t be altered in our part of the world. We were bred to define things in black and white terms always keeping in mind of the existence of spiritual mysteries that abound in our spheres.

Travelling abroad is one of the perfect times where this belief rears its head up.

There is the grippingly fear of possible evil plots by comrades or relatives who might won’t to see you hit rock­-bottom. To most Ghanaians on this course, it is sensible to be cautious by sealing lips.

2. Remittance expectations

This is definitely reasons why people keep mute about their traveling because you might end up with a tall list of needs by friends and family. For some uncertain reasons, people seem to revere traveling abroad as another money bag moment or possibly the second paradise in the locale you heading to.

The moment you make mention of your voyage, they are swift to off load their needs and desires to you with high expectations of you meeting it when this is not entirely the case most often.

3. Secrecy

This is mostly an innate quality amongst many Ghanaians. We naturally like to deal with our goals and aspirations in silence. We try to let our results speak for itself.

This characteristic could be said to be inspired by many reasons which we would talk about later. They would like to go abroad and address their current location with pictures on social media. That is another reason why most Ghanaians keep quiet about their traveling goals.

4. Extra luggage risk

This is the most logic and realistic reason amongst the others. It is a very practical human phobia when traveling. You are sure of having 12 extra bags in front of your door by friends and family on the day of your voyage and that is certainly not a good news.

People tend to give you things they want to be delivered to their affiliates in the location you going. The fear goes beyond the extra luggage fees you would have to pay, trust me.

You equally stand a possible risk of drug exportation charges as lots of people of this dubious act takes advantage of this means to execute their dealings. You could never trust anyone totally. You just might want to be cautious by keeping quiet.