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VIDEO: See what a woman did to a male teenager who pulled up her skirt and grabbed her butt


A teenager tried to touch a curvy woman inappropriately in Brazil but he was ill-prepared for what followed.

A video which has been shared online captured what went down between the woman and the young man though it doesn’t show when he touched her. The video began with the woman beating the boy, punching him in the face, and hitting his head against the wall as he tried unsuccessfully to shield his face from the blows. The woman then bent his head and raised her knee into his face several times. She continued to hit him and as the boy tried to escape, she held on to him.

At some point, she picked a stone and threw at him but he succeeded in escaping from her grip and dodged before the stone could hit him.

The video was greeted with mixed reactions with some saying the beating was too much for the crime he committed, while others said he deserved what he got. And of course, there were those who said the lady deserved what she got from the boy because of her “indecent” dress.

Watch the video below and decide for yourself.





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