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Tyrese Gibson has now missed 2 visitations with daughter after being granted access to her


Tyrese Gibson has been disturbing the peace on social media, even crying that all he wants is to see his baby. Now that he’s been granted visitation rights, the father has not gone to see her at all.

He initially claimed he was a doting father who wanted to spend time with his daughter but her mother, Norma Gibson won’t let him see her. So the court granted him access to his 10-year-old daughter, Shayla. The 38-year-old actor was given the option to see Shayla last Saturday, Nov. 4, and again on Monday, Nov. 6, with a court-ordered monitor present but he failed to show up for either visit.

Tyrese initially claimed that he missed a visit because he was in London on a yoga retreat. But an image posted on his Instagram page shows he was at home in Los Angeles but chose not to see his daughter, though he’s out there promoting a clothing line called “Shayla Rocks” and he’s on social media acting like he would die if he doesn’t see Shayla.

Tyrese’s ex-wife Norma Gibson’s legal team has confirmed that they didn’t hear from him and the visitations never happened.

“We were disappointed to learn that Mr. Gibson won’t be exercising some of the visits with his daughter that we offered him for the next week,” Aleen Khanjian, Norma’s attorney told The Blast. “Wherever he is, we hope he’s getting the help he needs to be the father Shayla truly deserves.”

Tyrese and Norma are due back in court on November 14.




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