Home Love & Relationship Two Ghanaian Boys Schedule Very Secret Gay Wedding in Netherlands

Two Ghanaian Boys Schedule Very Secret Gay Wedding in Netherlands


Reports hitting MonteOzLive.com bench from Netherlands reveals: Two Ghanaian Dance Students of Lucia Marthas Dance Academy situated in GRONINGEN (Holland) are said to get married in February 2018.

Monte OZ’s 48hours investigation on the issue confirmed everything on the impending same sex wedding of the Ghanaian couple.

Micheal Setor Lim who is a 27-year-old Ghanaian born Dutch and Jason Boakye Asare, age 24, fully Ghanaian but schools in Holland are the couples involved here. Our source mentioned that, Micheal and Jason’s relationship has been in existence for 5years now. And to keep the relationship STRONG, SEALED and GOING, they decided to tie the knot next year.

Jason is passive (PLAYS FEMALE) and Micheal Lim is Versatile (Can Be Both). According to the reaching information, parents of both parties have no idea of the forthcoming GAY marriage. But hopeful they will get to know after the marriage is done – stated the informant.

The couples made a statement to  MonteOzLive.com’s source claiming they chose to get married in Holland for the reason that, the African way of life, the Ghanaian Society accepts no GAY marriage since the constitution itself defines GAY marriage an illegal act in the Country.