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Tourists Can Relax; Here Are 5 Healthy Ghanaian Meals


Several million miles away from home and you are wondering what to eat. When you travel to a different continent, you don’t only deal with the change in weather, culture and lifestyle. You also have to adapt to the local food. In many instances, you may end up losing weight or falling ill because you may not eat a great deal. In Ghana, many of the local foods are healthy but a few are tricky because many foreigners are not used to the spices and ingredients used. However, there are a couple of tasty but healthy meals that tourists can rely on when in Ghana. Jumia Food, Africa’s leading online food delivery service looks at a couple of them.

Banku with Fish Stew – This is simple to prepare and super healthy because the ‘’banku’’ is made of corn dough mixed with cassava dough which are both great suppliers of carbohydrates. The fish adds protein and can either be fried or cooked together with the stew. The stew with all it’s vegetables contribute great amounts of vitamins and minerals. Grab a cold drink and you are sorted for the rest of the day. No stomach issues at all.

‘’Fufu’’ with light soup – Even if you are not African, you may have heard about ‘’fufu’’ many times. This Ghanaian special meal is one of great heritage and tradition. You can eat this with many soups but one that is generally free of tummy issues is the light soup. Often taken with goat meat or fish, many tourists enjoy this meal as it gives them the needed base to go through the whole day.  Fufu with soup is also filled with many good nutrients that are beneficial to the body.

‘’Angwa mu’’ with grinded pepper and fried eggs – literally translated as ‘’oil rice’’, ‘’angwa mu’’ is a local Ghanaian dish that is easily prepared at home. Just add a little oil to the water at the start of your preparation. Some onions in there, grind some hot pepper with tomatoes after the rice is done and spread it on the rice. Maybe some fried eggs will do or you can even throw in some sardine or beef. You are good to go on a very tasty but healthy Ghanaian meal.

Fried yam & ‘’Tsofi’’ – everyone likes fried yam right? All the world over, you may find fried yam with different accompaniments. Fried yam in Ghana is different. Even the size of the cuttings and the way it’s fried makes it so much appetizing. Fried yam in Ghana is eaten with hot pepper and a wide variety of assorted meat options. It can be fried fish, sardine. fried eggs or the very popular ‘’tsofi’’. This is often taken as a snack or in between meals but is very tasty and nutritious. When in Ghana, check it out. It is very common on the streets as well meaning you don’t have to travel distances to find some.

‘’Omotuo’’ with soup – Finally, let’s look at ‘’omotuo’’ also known as rice balls. It is usually enjoyed on sundays. As to why it’s a typical sunday meal is an issue for another day. However, ‘’omotuo’’ is a great alternative for banku and fufu when you want to eat heavy. Often taken with soups, groundnut soup is so far the most widely known accompaniment of ‘’omotuo’’. Healthy as all Ghanaian foods may be, this particular food is very nutritious with carbohydrates, minerals , vitamins and proteins all present in a full meal of ‘’omotuo’’. It is also not too hard to find as many people enjoy this meal inn chop bars or even prepare at home.