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Top Warning Signs You’re Dating a Big Time Player


It is a fact that many women have been time and time again outsmarted by uncommitted men popularly called players.

The danger is that a lot of ladies fall in the trap and go to the extent of fighting to save the relationship which to these guys is just a game.

Women are eventually let down leaving them with a broken heart which takes months or even years to heal.

Well, ladies guard against your hearts with these signs that give away players even before they open their mouth to speak.

It is however important to note that, some regular men may exhibit one or two of these signs, but if this new guy is scoring on all the points given below, you may want to pause and take a closer look to avoid the event of having to walk away after you have invested so much emotionally.

He is good looking

Let’s face fact, good looking guys get ladies throwing themselves at them 24/7! And it takes only a composed and committed man to turn away from these insanely hot girls.

Truth is, it’s incredibly hard for a good looking guy to stay calm and cool with an overwhelming invitation from girls. While there are many beautiful, nice ladies who want relationships, good looking men are such a rarity that they enjoy a stratospheric quality of life with women throwing themselves at them all the time. And why buy the cow when you get free milk delivered to your doorstep each morning?

So if the guy who just approach you is crazy smooth in appearance and talk; dig deeper to clear any doubts. He could be a player.

Charming and confident

Men normally don’t require so much charm to swim in women. So if he is charming, and is super confident, it passes him as an aphrodisiac for any searching lady.

A man who is sincerely searching for a woman to stay with is usually a bit nervous no matter how confident he may be, but a player does not care at all if he wins or loses you. There are so many fishes in the soup, so he’s really got nothing to lose if you say no, hence his super confidence.

Also, this confidence could be a side-effect of experiencing a great deal of success with the opposite sex.

He’s in an “open relationship”

What a heck is an open relationship? If he doesn’t want to stick and stay committed, it’s just not safe to try out your heart in an “open relationship”. He is only preparing a defence for when you see him with another girl.

He goes for sex straight away

If he invites you back to his apartment to “watch a film” on the first date, that’s usually all he’s after. Bonus points if you go and the place is spotless and there’s a stash of condoms conveniently located by his bed; girl run!

He forgets details about your life

Everyone has their moments they forget things sometimes, but if you’re seeing each other regularly and he can’t remember what you do for a living, or repeats the same stories because he can’t remember what he’s told you, chances are you’re not the only woman in his life.