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The Only Funny Thing About DKB is the Shape of His Head – Twitter User Compares DKB to Britain’s Got Talent’s Kojo Anim


A Ghanaian UK based comedian, Kojo Anim has shine the spotted light on the name of Ghana on one of the world’s biggest reality talent exhibition platforms, Britain’s Got  Talent in the United Kingdom of Great Britain by wowing the contentious Simon Cowell with his tremendous standup comedy display.

Kojo Anim’s victory at Britain’s Got Talent led to a cruel assessment of “WHO IS THE FUNNIEST” between Ghana’s local comedy figure, Derrick Kobina Bonney, popularly known as DKB and Ghana’s international comedy star Kojo Anim. A mockery tweet of which mentioned the local Ghanaian self-acclaimed comedy king kong, DKB commenced the whole unkind twitter trends.

The user tweeted and shared the performance footage of Kojo Anim:

GHANA to the world… watch how Comedian Kojo made Simon Cowell laugh SO much@dkbghana dey twitter with his big head dey block pple  

Watch the full comedy display in video below.

Just this one tweet has countless retweets and comment thread underneath, the over 80% of the comments that formed the thread were all mean and surly attacks on DKB. The cruelest tweet of them all is from one @assangolli, who labeled DKB’s head shape to be the only funny thing about him.

And the tweet reads below:

Majority of the twitter users as seen commenting on the tweet all ridiculed the Comedy Express Host for his unprofessional behavior of blocking his fans and followers when they make comments that don’t go well with him.

Watch this Stand Comedy Performance DKB.

DKB is famously known for BLOCKING people when they mess with him on twitter. He has blocked few friends of colleagues of the Media and I guess I (Monte OZ) might be on the waiting bench.

Check out some of the unkind tweets that were seen in the comparison tweet thread of DKB and Kojo Live