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The Body Issue – The Body Acceptance, Presented By Debonair Afrik


In the Age of Social media where deceptive ideas of oneself are portrayed on the internet to please a certain class of people or their So-called “ Fans”.  Societal standard of how one should look has brought about a long standing problem for many individuals. This idea of striving to attain society’s accepted form has had many individuals do some harmful things to their body and in some cases life threatening.

The influence of social media these days has not contributed any better to help curbing this problem as individuals are trolled and shamed for either being too fat, to skinny, having an awkward nose, having too little breast etc. Body shaming is much common among the female gender than the male gender.

In Africa, the conversation on body acceptance and positivity is ill spoken or left untouched. Surgery, injections and use of pills over the years has been the most go to method of changing one’s body. Some result to unhealthy eating habits all in the name of dieting to achieve a body image. In the fashion world, there have been many cases of models over dosing on pills, starving and resulting to unreliable methods just to stay skinny.

Knowing your body type and wearing fitting cloths that flatter your body is a bold step to promoting one’s body image. One does not need society’s approval to feel confident and proud in one’s own body. Instead can improve one’s body image by eating right, staying positive, invest in one’s self and stop comparing.


Model: @Misjulee

Editors: @Debonairafrik

Photographer: @Phloshop

Assistant Photographer: @Iamjunie

Mua: @Alexandrinamakeup

Assistant: @amberdonarthur

Stylist: @Nuelbans

Art Director: Alexandrina

Accessories: @velmasaccessories