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Switch off your phones when with us – Women tell men


Women are protesting against men who use their phones when they are with their women.

They insist that practice is a sign of disrespect to women and it also creates divided attention, which is not good for the survival of relationships.

They were speaking on Tuesday night talk show, Yenbo Nkomo, on Adom FM with show host Maame Yeboah Asiedu (aka Maame Gold).

The show was the second and final round for women to pour their hearts out on the things that irritate them about men.

Generally, all the ladies on the show said they love their men, but there is need for the men to correct and minimize the irritate things they do.

One of the panelists, Boakyewaa said it is not courteous for a man to have divided attention when in a conversation with his woman.

She therefore appealed to the men to show some respect to the women.

Boakyewaa also mentioned she dislikes men who are authoritative, adding that men who also feel they know everything and what they say is final, put her off.

Another panelist on the show, former Deputy Minister for Gender and Children, Racheal Nana Adwoa Apor reiterated her dislike for stingy men, adding that a man must show love and appreciation to his woman’s family by showering them with gifts.

She also said that women dislike men who are phlegmatic, and explained that women usually find it difficult to approach phlegmatic men “because you can’t be sure what their mood is.”

Maame Sarah Adomako, another panelist, also expressed her dislike for men who can’t communicate with the women, but are able chat with friends and laugh.

She described that attitude as “laughter outside, home serious”, saying it destroys relationships.

Maame Sarah Adomako also said men who have the “I don’t care” attitude to everything, put her off.

“Men who do not care about what the woman eats, do not pay utility bills or do not care when something is faulty in the house are not worth living with,” she said.

Another panelist Maame also said men who are unable to give enough money for home keeping but still want to eat a good meal annoy her.

“Men who always complain that they do not have money turn me off,” she said.

Osofo Maame Victoria also said if a man doesn’t have money and he is not a ‘loud mouth’, she is okay with him. But loud mouthed poor men just angers her.

She believes men are not supposed to talk too much.

Osofo Maame also touched on hygiene, saying that she does not like men who are unable to determine if his dress is dirty.

She also expressed her dislike for men who mistreats their women and men who fight for food, saying she feels shy for such men.

Yenbo Nkomo comes on every Tuesday night between 8:30 and 10pm on Adom FM.