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South Africa’s DJ Cleo clears the air on that Brickz post: ‘I don’t support rape’


On Monday DJ Cleo came under fire after sharing an image of himself reuniting with convicted rapist Brickz at a prison soccer match.

While it was not so much the images that had Twitter users outraged, the DJ’s caption for the post is what seemed to be the cause of all the backlash.

“We all run our own races, he fell along the way… but the race is not over,” Cleo wrote.

Many people were upset by that statement, with one user accusing the DJ of “watering down” the seriousness of rape by referring to it as “falling along the way.”

Visiting the Metro FM Drive show on Monday afternoon, DJ Cleo cleared the air on the post, stating that he does not support rape.

According to the DJ he was at the prison as part of a soccer clinic along with a few local sports stars to coach the prison’s soccer teams. It was then that he ran into Brickz.

Explaining what he meant by that tweet, Cleo said: “The race is life. You run in your own lane, I run in my own lane. He fell off and he’s now doing the time, but his life is not over,” going on to refer to Brickz as his “brother from another mother.”

Further on in the interview, Cleo makes it clear that the post does not mean he supports rape. “Let me just put it on record that I don’t support rape. I’m highly against it. I’m a father to two beautiful daughter.”

The muso also goes on to say that he never attended Brickz’s trial because he did not want people thinking he supported his actions.

He adds: “That photo is of me speaking to a brother who is paying the price. He’s doing the time.”