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South African police summon investigative journalist


The South African police have summoned investigative journalist and author Jacques Pauw for questioning.

Mr Pauw recently published a book containing corruption allegations against president Jacob Zuma titled The President’s Keepers:

The South African National Editor’s Forum deputy chairperson Katy Katopodis told me that this is an intimidation tactic by the police.

She told me: “The work that these journalists are doing is not criminal.”

The book alleged that Mr Zuma had for four months received a “salary” from a businessman – over and above his government-paid presidential salary – and had failed to declare it to the tax collection agency, the South African Revenue Services.

After excerpts of the book were published in newspapers, Mr Zuma’s spokesman issued a statement, denying any wrongdoing by the president and saying he was the victim of a “smear campaign”.

“The tax matters of the president are in order,” the statement added.

Mr Pauw says he stands by his work.




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