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Social media has found a Brenda Fassie lookalike – just in time for her biopic!


She looks so much look Brenda Fassie, it’s unreal.

It has been 14 years since the tragic passing of MaBrr and ENCA reports that a film about her incredible life is finally in the works.

The biopic is set for release later this year.

Auditions for the lead role are set to start very soon and the music legends son, Bongani, confirmed to Radio 702 that the movie will be proudly South African.

“Let me put it this way, the whole cast is going to be a strictly South African cast,” he says.

After hearing the news of an upcoming movie, enthusiastic South Africans took it upon themselves to find a suitable candidate for the rather prestigious lead role – and it looks like they’ve found a perfect match.

Recently, a Twitter user posted a picture of his colleague whose resemblance to the MaBrr is uncanny.

“Hi guys, my co-worker @sismabrrr looks like Brenda Fassie,” Xolani captioned his post.

The post has received more than 6, 000 likes and 3, 000 retweets with people in awe of Brenda and her doppelganger’s incredible likeness.

“We have found the main actor to that Brenda Fassie movie,” said one Twitter user.

“This human being looks more like Brenda Fassie than Brenda Fassie,” quipped another.




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