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“Satan is the creator of the world, God is taking his glory” – Nigerian man, says


A Nigerian man simply identified as Full-time Udummiri Nwakalu on facebook has come out to say that satan is the creator of the world and all glory should be given to him and not to God.

According to him, he will reclaim satan’s lost glory by initiating more people to his kingdom. He also accused God of being a criminal and brainwashing people to serve him.

Read his post below;

“Wow our temple is so beautiful.
Satan I know you are the creator of the world but God is taking your glory and that is why you sent me to restore your glory. People will crucify me for sure but forgive them father because they have been brainwashed by God. God is a criminal for sure.

I promise you that I will initiate enough Christians to your kingdom before the end of time. Please forgive those who insult me, it’s not their fault, instead cast God into a buttonless pit including those who follow his evil ways”