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Royal Staff ordered to watch Meghan Markle’s TV show ‘Suits’ so they can recognize her guests


While Meghan Markle is busy learning all about the royal family and the etiquette required to fit in as one of them, royal staff are also doing a bit of their own learning.

The royal staff, while preparing for Meghan’s upcoming star-studded wedding to England’s Prince Harry, have been ordered to watch Meghan’s TV show Suits so that they can identify her guests, WENN.com reports.

Historian Hugo Vickers, who is Captain of the chapel’s Lay Stewards, says he ordered his staff to watch the show, in which Meghan plays paralegal Rachel Zane.

“I’ve told the Stewards to get Netflix and watch ‘Suits’, so they know who everyone is at the wedding,” he allegedly told London’s Daily Mail newspaper.

Prince Harry, 33, and the 36-year-old American actress are set to wed in Windsor Castle’s St George’s Chapel in May next year. Meghan announced she was leaving the legal drama series to focus on her royal duties. Series creator Aaron Korsh has admitted he began writing Meghan out of the show as soon as he knew she had fallen for the Prince.




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