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Rosemond Brown attacks Wendy Shay over new hairstyle


Ghanaian actress and outspoken social media sensation, Rosemond Brown has lashed out at Rufftown Records artist, Wendy Shay for wearing the same hair for 3 solid months without bothering to change it.

According to Rosemond Brown aka Akuapem Poloo Wendy Shay following the backlash over her hair has gone to dye it and not changed it as her fans are asking her to do.

For the past week, Ghanaians have been on Wendy Shay mocking her for wearing the same weavon for 3 months without changing it.

Her critics chronicled when she was first spotted with the black long weavon and that was when Bullet introduced her at the VGMA 2018 as his new artist.

Wendy was again spotted with the same hair when she shot her first music video “Uber Driver” and was again seen when she performed at the Despite Group’s Health Fair. All these within a 3 month period.

Her manager, Bullet first came out to deny that Wendy Shay has been wearing the same weavon for the past 3 months. He explained that that is her signature hair and she changes it often.

Wendy Shay herself came out to explain that she changes her hair every 2 weeks. She is a nurse and she knows cleanliness.

“I actually like the color black. And I like wearing that because it brings my face shape and because I can actually switch it whichever way I want. I like to be flexible that’s why I like this braids,” she said

Two days after her response Wendy Shay was spotted in new photos wearing a new weavon with a different color. But Rosemond Brown thinks she is lying.

In a short video shared on the actress’ Instagram page and cited by Ghpage.com, Rosemond Brown is seen taking Wendy Shay to the cleaners and mocking her to change the hair and not just go and dye it.

Akuapem Poloo said:

“Wendy Shay, you think we are kids? No one is a kid. Let me tell you, your hair, you’ve gone to dye it. It’s the same black thing you’ve been wearing. You’ve not gone to remove it. You’ve dyed your hair,” she fumed.