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Richard Bona Could Make Stephanie Benson Cheat


Ghanaian soul and jazz singer, Stephanie Benson enthralled by Cameroonian jazz legend Richard Bona confessed that the sensational artiste can cause her to break her marriage vows.

Speaking after the final performance of the Cameroonian Jazz sensation at Stanbic Jazz Festival which was held at the Accra International, Mrs. Benson was full of praise for Richard Bona and the event as a whole.

“…to be honest this is the first time that I have done any shows in this country where everything is just been run so beautifully and everything is just perfectly done…. And Richard Bona, he’s something else, he could let me cheat…” she joked.

“He really is an amazing performer. I loved the whole thing, it was fantastic” she added.

Themed Sax and Strings on Cruise, the 2017 Stanbic Jazz Festival was the third edition since its inception to promote the Stanbic’s support for worthy courses.
This year’s event was in aid of the fight against malaria.

Part of the ticket proceeds will be used to support the Infanta Malaria Prevention Foundation (IMPF), an NGO targeted at combating malaria through collaboration with leaders in malaria research and through educational and social projects across urban and rural Ghana.

The Stanbic Jazz Festival hosted American Jazz artiste Tom Braxton and Cameroonian Grammy award winning jazz legend Richard Bona.

Fifteen Ghanaian acts led by Aka Blay and the Abiza Band, were part of the 3-day show. Others who performed during the period were Steve Bedi, the Ayisah Dey duo, Licks and Riffs, Paa Kow, Adomaa and Stephanie Benson.