Home Entertainment Rapper AKA shares his thoughts on Cassper Nyovest’s success

Rapper AKA shares his thoughts on Cassper Nyovest’s success


This is the moment everyone has secretly been waiting for.

AKA has finally spoken out after Cassper’s Fill up FNB stadium concert – and his comment is not as ‘bitter’ as people would expect it to be.

The One time rapper posted a picture of Cassper on stage at the FNB stadium facing over 68 000 adoring fans and captioned it “Powerful”.

This comes after the 29-year-old rapper told Cassper that they should collaborate for the event.

“I wanna do fill up FNB with Tsibip. It’s time we put this s*** to bed. It’s 2017 guys,” he wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted.

“Besides, the balls this guy has to have to try and fill FNB stadium …. by himself. You gotta at least respect that,” AKA wrote in another tweet.

He then went on to tell the Tito Mboweni rapper that he wants his “slice of the cheese”.

Cassper later replied to his former nemesis:

Following this AKA was slammed by Twitter users and even East Coast radio personality Bongani Mtolo – to which he responded to by saying that “he thinks his tweets actually helped promote the event.”

Cassper managed to sell over 68 000 tickets to his mega show and made history as the first local hip-hop artist to hold a concert of that magnitude.