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Quamina MP responds to Gay Allegations


‘Ground Up Chale’ act Quamina MP has said claims by his label mate Kofi Mole that he [Quamina MP] is a womanizer should be taken with a pinch of salt because Mole was in his element when he made that statement.

Kofi Mole while reacting to suggestions Quamina MP is his gay partner mentioned that although they do “wired stuffs like hugging” and wouldn’t mind “giving him a peck on the chin”, they are not gays. Reiterating his point, Kofi Mole indicated that Quamina MP cannot be gay because “he is a womanizer”.

But Quamina MP in an interview with Delay on the Delay Show said the womanizer tag was a joke.

“Mole and I are good friends, we are not gays. We love ourselves. You know he told me about his interview with you? He came to me and said he had sold me out on your show so I should find an answer for you in case you ask me about it…

“It’s not like that. I’m not a gay, neither am I a womanizer. I think he said that because he gets to see girls coming at me. He’s very jovial. He’s a fool,” Quamina MP said jokingly.

Born Emmanuel Ato-Kwamena Amonoo, Quamina MP became famous in 2018 after he released ‘Wiase Ye De’ which featured Kwesi Arthur and Yung C. His popularity shot up following the release of ‘Feel Okay’ and ‘Amanfour Girls’.

According to him, life has always been difficult; only getting better after hitting the limelight.

Recounting how challenging the journey has been over the years, Quamina MP said he was so broke he could not afford three square meals a day. He disclosed that before he had a hit song which subsequently made him get gigs, he had to manage and spend 20 Ghana cedis a week.

“The way I eat has even changed. At first, having twenty cedis on me for a week was a motivation. I’d buy bread and coffee as breakfast and lunch and use 3 cedis for kenkey and fish as supper. Now, I don’t even feel hungry. I eat and there’s enough left for tomorrow… I have been able to rent a two-bedroom house,” he said.