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PHOTOS: Ghanaian US based Humanitarian & Author Rescues the Homeless & Needy on the Street of New Jersey


Elite Ghanaian US based, motivational speaker, philanthropist and author, Stacy Amewoyi has profoundly displayed a heartfelt gesture to the distressed and needy on the street of Newark, New Jersey as part of her birthday routines of which ensured on July 26-28.

Ms. Stacy is known widely as an incomparable leader who is endowed at powerful discussions, team leadership and an outstanding verbal communicator who so happens to be the head bureaucrat of the Stacy Foundation, initiated in the year 2013.

At the point of celebrating her birthday, she willingly took to the Newark Penn Station in New Jersey, USA to bless the homeless, distressed and needy on the said location. She fed them and provided them entirely with goodies for their beneficial needs. The author and African high size humanitarian felt the need to show love and embark of this charity act from inspirations of the blessings in the abundance the most high has bestowed on her.

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MY EXPERIENCE WITH THE HOMELESS The month of July is my birthday month this is the month an innocent child was born. Growing up, I see people’s celebrating their birthdays, parents throwing birthday parties for their kids. I kept wondering what make them happy during their birthday celebration, well because I didn’t have that experience, and my grandparents would not even remind me that today is my birthday. At my teen age I started feeling the breeze of birthday celebrations, and the love of my life said he has never celebrated his birthday before! I took a nap or myself into a beautiful party I've got a huge donation in Ghana since then its a joyful day on and in fact you must thank your creature because not all people will leave to see their birthday. This year 2019, I was planning for my birthday. I had so many plans so I decided to ask myself questions, “do I have to throw a birthday party, or I should just go and sit at fancy restaurant and enjoy myself? Many plans came to mind as I was writing the plans down. Something popped up, and I ask myself what about the homeless who cannot celebrate their birthday? Do they even have food, clothes, and shelter? That was the 11th hour questions I was asking myself. Yes, it was my birthday so decided to go out and celebrate my birthday with the homeless. Remember, this is not their fault or any mistake that put them in that situation. It could be marriage problems, broken homes, lack of parenting, and bad influence. I heard a lot of people saying “most of the homeless people are into drugs that made their situation bad” yes I get it but remember the Bible says “ for we all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…” I had a good time with the homeless and it was one of my birthday celebrations I will never ever forget. I met a woman and I really learned some lessons from her. Family, that woman was full of wisdom and inspiration. When I approached her, and I told her, I want to give her a gift, she smiled and asked me why I want to do her good? I paused for a second, I thought deep because I was wondering why she asked me that. “why do you want to do me good?” I smiled and I told her “…because today is day!

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This appears to be an action she annually embarks on; carrying the less privileged always at heart as they humbly needs more.

Check images from the act of the Ghanaian United States based Philanthropist’s kind gesture towards the poor and the needy.