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PHOTOS: 11-year-old Boy Labeled A Witch, Kicked Out By His Mom And Stepfather


Facebook user Chris Inyang, Just shared this heartbreaking story, read below;

EMMANUEL is an 11year old boy who lives in my neighborhood at 28b yellow duke street Calabar south. He is homeless. He has been thrown out of the house by his step father and biological mother. He is branded a witch/wizard. He has been sleeping on the streets for onwards to 4months now. He has been intimidated to confess he is a witch . The worse case scenario is that they still find him worthy to send on errands but deny him access into the house to sleep. The mother sneaks food to him but comfortably abandon him in the cold street at night and sleep with her husband. He has no shoes but he is always sent in the morning to drop the little sister who is the daughter of his step father in school and also go and bring her back. He does that barefooted while the sister has shoes . The stigma of branding him a witch does not allow people assist him. Please people of God ,can someone somewhere assist me to help take this innocent lad off the streets and get the parents to take full responsibilities of his upkeep. Forget LIBYA….LETS START HERE. He will sleep outside again tonite.