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Nigerians come for Linda Ikeji, after she revealed her baby daddy dumped her after she became pregnant


Linda Ikeji is a trending topic today, all thanks to her explosive post, where she revealed that indeed Sholaye Jeremi is her baby daddy, and also revealing the details that led to the tragic end of her relationship with her baby daddy.

The post has since gone viral, and many online users are trolling her already.

Few hours after Linda Ikeji released pretty photos of her baby, which also came with a tragic news between her and her man.

Nigerians have however taken to Twitter to question her moral stance as she has now become a baby mama saying that Karma had indeed caught up with her after she had mocked many people including celebrities the past.

Linda’s failed relationship has got everyone talking and the reactions from Twitter, as usual, is two-sided. Some people are finding the hilarious side of it while another set are trolling the media mogul.

Nigerians took out time to send heavy shades to the popular blogger.

In case you missed her post, click HERE to read the lengthy detailed post.

See some comments below;

“Linda Ikeji spent most of her blogging days slandering and castigating “Baby Mamas” until she tragically became one herself, now all she does is try to control the damage.

Moral: be careful who you mock or laugh at, you don’t know how they got in that situation, Karma is Real!”