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My heart yearns for marriage – Curvy Actress Inem Peter Speaks Out


Nollywood actress, Inem Peter is body and soul ready for marriage but unfortunately, she’s yet to find the right man to pop the question.

The talented thespian tells Inside Nollywood: “My heart is saying yes to wedding bells but my hand is typing I don’t know yet. It’s not my making but if he comes now, I am very ready.”

Peter, who says 2019 will definitely be her best year ever, was full of lamentation on what her celebrity status has deprived her. “It has taken part of the real person I am. People always react to my curves and it gets to me. Sometimes, it’s embarrassing when people think my ‘small bum bum’ is too big. I walk pass and everyone turns to stare at my behind. Adding to that, I have heard people say things like ‘Ah, you don’t know Inem Peter? That actress wey get biiiiiigggg bum bum. Com’on it is God’s gift. I didn’t create myself,” she says.

Reacting to the rate at which celebrity marriages crash, the actress says marriage is not a do-or-die affair. “Whoever is wearing this shoe called marriage knows were it itches. So, if a celebrity gets married, have a baby and leaves the marriage, that means it’s not working and if a marriage is not working, you let it go. Being a celebrity doesn’t mean you must stay in a failed marriage,” she advises.