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MUST READ: Abeiku Santana Divulges How He Tackled Travel Opportunities & Challenges in an Inscribed Annual Gratitude Note!  

Mr. Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey Santana – CEO of Kaya Tours Ghana Limited

The annual prolific Tourism toil and accomplishments of Ghana’s topmost destination marketing company, Kaya Tours Ghana Limited can deeply be read in a well detailed memo, penned by Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey, identified professionally as Abeiku Santana alias Mr. Tourism – Africa’s most well-known Tourism intelligence, authentic destination marketer & manifold winning awards ace broadcaster from the Republic of Ghana.

In the article he wrote from Israel, the CEO of Kaya Tour Ghana Limited the results on how the mentioned destination corporation operated in Promoting, Marketing and Educating the mass on the Tourism industry in Ghana and in Africa; attaching it with humble appreciations to clients, colleagues of the media and each and every one who supported, contributed to the immense growth of Ghana’s evolving tourism brand, Kaya Tours Ghana.

Abeiku Santana, for those who do not know is currently leading a 14 man delegation tour in Israel, courtesy Kaya Tours Ghana.

He was seen in images and footages, visiting historic holy site of the bible with his delegation in Nazareth, the western wall, City of David in Jerusalem and the dead sea among other interesting and breathtaking site in Israel as supported by Agurra Tours.

Mr Tourism is expected to return to Ghana’s capital, Accra in few days. Monte OZ shall share the holy moments of flow on Abeiku Santana’s visit to Israel on your favorite online new portal – www.monteozlive.com , so be on the lookout for all the adventures Abeiku Santana and the 14 man delegation’s trip to Israel

Check on the article in details as written by Mr. Tourism, Gilbert Abeiku Santana below.

“Knowing is not guessing and Implementing is also not theorizing” This is how we managed to tackle the challenges and opportunities in the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industry in the year 2017. The year cannot end without appreciating the contributions of Kaya Tours Ghana Limited in the Promotion, Marketing and Education of tourism in Ghana and Africa 

I have been long fascinated about travel and tourism with its related businesses for over 12 years with wide experiences in Destination Imaging, Marketing, Tour Operations, Tour guiding etc. 

I shall forever be grateful to the University of Cape Coast Graduate School and the Department of tourism and hospitality. 

In delivering Ghana’s Economic performance from a nontraditional export point of view travel, tourism and hospitality are the key determinants for the country’s GDP.

This article is a healthy contrast to the notion that tourism operations and management can be partisan political. South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Seychelles, Singapore, Mauritius, Israel just to mention a few are outstanding destinations raking billions of dollars from tourism through a strong comprehensive sustainable tourism plans and policies devoid of partisan politicking. 

At Kaya Tours Ghana Ltd our core values are Competence, Creativity, Collaboration, Commitment and Customer Service Excellence 


Passion for a cause that fuels energy, Intelegence and creativity has been our driving force. 

At kaya Tours limited, our year began in April 2017, when we successfully organized an experiential road fun trip from Accra through Bunsu Aboretum to Kwahu. The rationale of this trip was to enlighten the patrons of the trip on Destinations and their unique attributes. There are amazing attractions along the route to Kwahu that most people don’t know anything about them .The Bunsu Aboretum canopy walkway, the Kwahu Twenedurase mystical cave and the Air Jay Zipline are one  complete package  that can be found in the Eastern region of Ghana after one to two hours’ drive from Accra the capital of Ghana. 

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In May 2017, a team of journalists and tour operators were taken to São Tomé to experience how conservation is key to sustainable Eco tourism. It is important for us to keep good environmental practices at our leisure attractions including the beaches.

In our desire to promote and grow domestic tourism in Ghana, there is a saying that goes like “catch them young and they will forever be yours “.  Almost two hundred school pupils from primary four and five of Bishop Bowers School were taken on a Domestic Educational Tour in Accra. The tour took the children to Accra Zoo,the Airforce Base at Burma Camp  and the Osu Christianborg Castle to bring them to the reality of Ghana’s rich history. 

In this same month Kaya tours joined the Hon. Minister for Tourism Culture and Arts on working visit to the western region , which took us to the birthplaces of Ghana’s first president , Dr Kwame Nkrumah and Alfred Paa Grant one of the founding fathers of Ghana and financier of the UGCC Party in Axim to strategize marketing and positioning strategies for these heritage attractions .This was kaya tours support to the ministry’s campaign dubbed  “See Ghana , Eat Ghana , Wear Ghana and Feel  Ghana” . We believe this awareness sensitization program will go a long way to reinforce the call and drive in promoting domestic tourism in Ghana.


Kaya tours among other 18 parliamentary select committee members on Agriculture  and Energy ,The Ghana Free Zones Board , Ghana Investment Promotion Authority, National Petroleum Authority and others were invited by the World Trade Center Accra to participate in International Trade Summit in Moscow, Russia July 2017.

Kaya tours displayed excellence and professionalism at the trade summit to secure export trade agreement for Kasapreko Company limited and power attorney with Volgograd state technical university in Russia.

The potent force of Kaya tours has become visible to the West, East and Southern African tourism authorities who endeared the organization a number of International trade shows and conferences including Kenya Magical Expo in Nairobi, South African Tourism specialist training in Accra, Namibia Business Friendship etc. 

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MAGICAL TIMES IN KENYA More than 180 exhibitors, trade visitors, media and tourism professionals are participating in Magical Kenya 🇰🇪 Travel Expo from the 03-05 October 2017, in Nairobi. The theme for this year’s edition is “Discover Experience Connect” This travel Expo is one of the biggest travel tourism exhibition positioned in East Africa to showcasing new products and services that attest to the variety of experiences they have. The 2017 Magical Kenya Travel Expo noticed some big changes after the Kenya Tourism Board appointed global exhibition management company to grow the show for the next five years. Hosted buyers from more than 25 countries have been selected through a stringent evaluation. Transport, Tour Operators, Accommodation, Destination Marketing and Technology are participating at the Kenyatta International Convention Center (KICC) Among the expanded events programme schedule for the expo includes a special session on the status of online bookings with guidance and advice on how to better sell online. Hosted groups , online travel apps such as TripAdvisor, Google and Expedia will take participants through the new innovative digital marketing with strong focus on creating a community within a the destination. Kenya’s tourism has been gradually been recovering at the back of improvement in security and aggressive Marketing adopted by the Government. The year 2017 has been touted as one of the best years for the sector according to tourism experts. The high political climate and the annulment of the President election results has extended the uncertainty of the country’s direction. Nevertheless, the number of International visitors have increased from 324,476 last to 358,985 this year , according to data from Kenya Tourism Board. The hotels and hospitality industry recorded an impressive bed nights occupancy from 1.3 million in January to 1.8 million in August this year. The Magical Kenya Travel Exhibition has brought together participants from Uganda 🇺🇬, Tanzania 🇹🇿, Rwanda 🇷🇼, South Africa 🇿🇦 Seychelles 🇸🇨 among others as a way to raise the profile of Kenya. The CEO of Kaya Tours Company Ltd , Mr Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey Sant

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The CEO of Kaya tours received a citation and honor as one of the hundred (100) most influential tourism personalities in West Africa, an event which was held in Accra at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel. 


Estonia Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences, Volgograd State Technical University , Russia and Lazarski University in Poland have all signed an agreement with kaya tours Ghana limited to undertake all preliminary recruitments for its applicants who want to pursue further education in these countries for the next 2 years. The CEO of kaya Tours limited took a number of lecture appointments to impart knowledge on students of Ghana Technology University College, University of Ghana Legon Business School, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Department of Tourism And Hospitality.


The emergence of Kaya Tours Ghana limited has strengthened destination management companies, tour operators, tour guiding, packaging, marketing and pricing tour products in the country.

Kaya tours in partnership with the Car Rentals Association of Ghana in September organized the first ever World tourism day Gala at El Walk sports stadium which drew member trade associations under the Ghana Tourism Federation, The Ghana Tourism Authority and the diplomatic community under one umbrella. 

The year 2017 cannot go without mentioning the contribution of Kaya tours to Ghana’s tourism promotion in domestic tour packages to Tafi  Atome , Sogakope , Akosombo , Ada, Cape Coast , Kwahu and Accra cit. 

Our passion for cause fuels energy, intelligence and creativity but the brain chemistry is in part responsible.

The year 2017 ended with a successful religious pilgrimage tourism trip to Israel, the Holy Land. 

Like many organizations, Kaya Tours Ghana Limited had to figure out how to balance local needs with a worldwide view but creating the need for domestic tourism with a global perspective is a daunting challenge. We have learnt lessons from our mistakes and will pursue excellence in the years ahead. 

Thanks to all those who have supported and contributed to the growth of our emerging tourism brand, KAYA TOURS. 

Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey Santana 

CEO of Kaya Tours Ghana Limited.