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#MonteOzTravels: My Sad Ethiopian ATM story at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport!


I was hungry to the extent that my stomach pushed me by force to go and withdraw money from an ATM I spotted on the immigration floor of Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. It’s not like I didn’t eat whilst on board from Entebbe, Uganda ooo. I ate for real and even pleaded for round two of the food served on board a Boeing 737-800 Ethiopian Airlines aircraft. For there was one empty seat next to me; which means, I have to eat the food of the empty seat in the absence of the person who failed to occupy it.

This video below reveals how i took off from the Entebbe International Airport in Uganda to Addis Ababa Bole International Airport in Ethiopia.

So I got to the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, went straight to the ATM to get some Ethiopian Local Currency in order to purchase what I wanna eat. I then inserted my credit card. Lord Jesus! Come and see; the ATM descriptions and instructions are all in “Amharic” (Ethiopian Official Language)… Haibo! Y’all need to see how I valued Google Translator at that point. I tried translating the descriptions and it worked. It’s time for me to insert amounts I want to withdraw. Foolish “MeMonte just punched in random digits on the ATM as if I was playing Jackpot at a plush casino. The machine started rambling and in my mind, I have withdrawn by far more enough to party and buy what I want. I took my credit card out of the machine and walked away…

My first stop of spending was at a Duty Free Shop in the airport before I get myself roaming the city of Addis Ababa ahead my next flight back home to Accra, of which had a 23-hour layover. I entered the shop to grab a bathing gel plus some whisky. I savagely did the millionaire walk to the counter to settle my bills for the items. I threw all the money on the desk for the sales girl in the Duty Free shop to just pick a note or two and give me a change back out of the numerous notes I displayed on her desk, thinking what I got from the ATM was over enough to spend within 23hours in Addis Ababa.

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This stunning “Slim Fit Megabyte” off the hook pretty sales girl at once smiled at me for a second, and I winked at her feeling so convinced it’s a done deal; only to hear her say, “The Money I Placed on the Desk Can Just Buy a Bottle of Sprite or Soda in the Shop” . What in a Heck??? LOL… So i asked how much that was in dollars, she sweetly told me what I have on me is just 45 Ethiopian Birr and it’s mutual to $2 (Dollars).

What a Shame! How can I disgrace myself in the presence of this fine juicy Ethiopian girl? My plans to step out of the airport to mash up the city of Addis Ababa which happens to be the capital city of the Republic of Ethiopia shut down one time. So I embarrassingly walked away to find a restaurant and got me some Sprite LOL. I then stayed in the airport in order to exhaust the long hours ahead my flight back to Accra, Ghana which was scheduled for departure at 8:35am (East African Time) the next day.

Whilst in the airport, I discovered several things that can keep a passenger with long layover hours entertaining, busy and relaxed before the next flight. Be on the lookout! I shall outline them out in an article, soon to be published right here on my online portal – Monte OZ Live.

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