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Monte OZ Xplores: My Unscripted “Mini Travel Reality & Adventure Dairies” Premieres Tomorrow | This is How You Can Watch IT


I can finally assure you, Monte Oz Xplores, my mini reality travel, tourism and adventure dairies is on the verge to be seen by my readers, followers and travel addicts across the continent of Africa.

Starting tomorrow June 27, with the first episode focusing on Zimbabwe and revealing it wonders at Victoria Falls, the whole theory of my reality travel and adventure is to unleash market and tell the story of several tourism destinations in the world to travel & adventure lovers, most importantly Africans who have been longing to explore the continent of Africa to be specific.

This is a teaser of Monte Oz Xplores.

Monte Oz Xplores as improvised and hosted by Me, Monte OZ shall in some forthcoming episodes enlighten it followers and travel addicts on how to travel on an affordable budget, finding the cheapest airfares, luxury and inexpensive accommodations which includes guest houses, hotels and resorts with fine beaches for an outstanding travel comfort and experiences among rules on visa applications along with visa free countries for travelers. This will also include the safety and precautions of traveling and adventures at the point of your travel.

This is how to watch my mini reality travel show dubbed “Monte OZ Xplores” from tomorrow, Friday July 27.

I shall upload the first episode at exactly 1:30pm (GMT) on my official YouTube Channel of which you need to subscribe to the channel and also activating the BELL button next to it on YouTube by CLICKING HERE.

After subscribing to my YouTube Channel and hitting the bell next to the subscribe button, you will get first hand notifications anytime I upload every new episode of Monte Oz Xplores.

PLEASE NOTE: New Episodes of Monte Oz Xplores, starting from tomorrow FRIDAY, June 27 will be uploaded each and every Friday on YouTube. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit the bell next to it to avoid missing any episode.

Do share this information with family, friends and love ones who love traveling and conquering their fears with scary adventures in any part of the world to be on the lookout, for Monte Oz Xplores goes live tomorrow.

OOH YES! And they must subscribe to my channel on YouTube to see every episode of it, every FRIDAY!

You can also follow Monte Oz Xplores on Instagram for the daily updates of my travel and adventure assignments around the world.

My name is Monte OZ – And I am a Tourism Influencer, a Travel & Adventure Reporter.