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Moesha Boduong to Launch Her Own Book, Titled “Fighting the Economy With Prostitution”?  


Moesha Boduong must be stressed and weak over last week’s public roasting after her “Sex and Love Around the World” interview with Christiane Amanpour got televised on CNN.

Well! It appears, the trolling is not over, for Afia Schwarzenegger has duly thrown out an info of which MonteOzLive.com is yet to confirm from Moesha Boduong if it’s true or not.

The contentious Ghanaian human therapist and TV personality, Afia Schwarzenegger was live on instagram yesterday (16.04.2018). She re-jabbed Moesha over her comments on CNN which apparently undervalued hard—working Ghanaian women across the globe.

CNN duly came to Moesha’s rescue to declare that, the interview with the instagram star and aspiring actress was not a target to destroy the image of Ghanaian women, but it is to shine the light on struggles men and women in particular go through in marriages and relationships. And with that being said; Sex and Love Around the World is a Series on CNN, hosted By Christiane Amanpour.

Moesha afterwards pitifully issued an apology statement via her instagram page but Afia Schwarzenegger is still not feeling it. At the point of Afia’s live instagram video, she very savagely hinted that, Moesha has embarked on a book project after the CNN scandal and for that matter, the CNN interviewee is set to officially launch the Book next week. This statement by Afia Schwarzenegger was made purposefully to intimidate Moesha Boduong.

Monte OZ can clearly confirm, the statement was comically said by Afia Schwarzenegger.

Now, what made Afia’s hint about Moesha’s supposed Book launch hilarious was the title of it.

Afia Schwarzenegger boldly spoke;

“Oh! Moesha has written a book and she’s about to do an official book launch next week. Please she needs your support. The title of the book is FIGHTING THE ECONOMY WITH PROSTITUTION”.

Right afterwards, she ended her live instagram video, leaving her followers wondering if Moesha is truly about to unveil a book with such a taggy title. Only Moesha can say the truth!