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“Men Are Allowed To Hit Women At Some Certain Situations” – Whoopi Goldberg Says So


American actress, Whoopi Goldberg, stated that men are allowed to hit women at some certain circumstances and she went to explain her reason.

The actress said this on a the TV show, ‘The View’, while she and her female co-hosts argued about a situation where a man hit a woman and knocked her out after she hit him first.

Whoop said if you hit someone, their first instinct might be to hit you back so women should be taught not to hit anyone at all just as men are taught not to hit women.

“If you hit somebody you cannot be sure you’re not going to get hit back,” the actress said

As her co-host disagreed and said it’s never OK to hit a woman, Whoopi gave an example using a scenario where a little boy has been taught never to hit a women but the girl keeps hitting him all the time.

“You have to teach women; do not, do not put your hands on anybody.”

“I know I’m going to catch a lot of hell and I don’t care. You have to teach women, do not live with the idea that men still have this chivalry thing still with them. Don’t assume that’s still in play. So don’t be surprised if you hit a man and he hits you back. I’m sorry, you hit somebody, they hit you back, don’t be surprised.”

Whoopi’s point of view got a lot of mixed reactions, first from her co-host and then from social media users. It’s a rather old video but it was shared again on Twitter and it’s generated a debate online.

Watch the video below;