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Legendary South African Art Sovereign Awesomely Inspires Fresh “Tribeca” Street Mural; Gets Honored!

Esther Mahlangu

A well-deserved tribute has been paid to South Africa’s most famous legendary female art personality, Esther Mahlangu of the Ndebele origin for inspiring a current street mural that brought vibrant colors to a formerly standard bike station in Tribeca – New York to be exact.

The mural at Tribeca was humbly painted by Imani Shaklin-Roberts, an emerging female illustrator/educator who graduated New York’s Pratt Institute in 2014 as an acknowledgment to Esther Mahlangu on a minor stretch of the roadway, which is free from car traffic near Franklin Street between West Broadway and Varick Street. The street is a center for One of New York’s Citi Bike stations.

Imani Roberts’s street mural, firmly inspired by Mahlangu transformed and graduated Tribeca to a new level of understanding of what art truly means; just like stunning images on Bombing Science with splashes of bold colors and outstanding prints. This mural at Tribeca aside been a tribute to honor Mahlangu, is also a collaboration between Citi Bike and South African Tourism for the just ended Women’s Bike month routine in September.

South African itself as a nation with multicultural citizens can strongly boost of producing well-renowned artists whose works have been exhibited across the continent of Southern Africa. Mzansi is step by step taking over the this planet of earth with brushes, pencils & wonderful colors to create stunning mural that truly sells the image of the country and the people living in it to the rest of the world.

The Street Mural at the Standard Bike Station in Tribeca, New York

The city Cape Town in province Western Cape is just one example of how art-driven South Africa has been come in this century of 21st.  By the aid of art, Cape Town can also without arguments be categorized as one of the most colorful cities in the world.

81-year-old art queen, Esther Mahlangu has long been one of the most internationally recognized South African artists; known for her vibrant, bold paintings in the Ndebele tradition. In her homelands, located at the northeast part of South Africa near Swaziland, painting is habitually down by women to women, Esther Mahlangu’s creation has been exhibited around the world, and she’s been hired to paint everything from massive murals to automobiles.

Monte OZ can accurately confirm, Imani Shanklin-Roberts was ordered to create the work, of which she finished it up over a period of three days in Tribeca, New York.

Mahlangu’s is changing the world with colors through what she has so much passion for – it’s Art!




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