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Language factor was the prime reason I left Kumawood not politics – Mr. Beautiful


Ghanaian movie actor and political activist, Clement Bonney has revealed the reason he had to part ways with Kumawood.

He revealed that contrary to popular belief, it is his preference for the Fante language over Asante Twi that caused his exit.

Bonney, better known as Mr. Beautiful, is known to have publicly supported the National Democratic Congress (NDC) during the 2016 elections.

It is alleged that his association with the political party that negatively affected his role in the movie industry.

The actor sought to return to movies after the elections, but was allegedly denied the opportunity by some producers.

The general consensus at the time, was that he was no longer a force to reckon with.

Debunking that assertion on the ‘Delay Show’, Mr. Beautiful stated that the language factor was the reason he could no longer stay.

‘The Kumawood producers wanted me to speak Asante Twi and I said no. I will stick to speaking Fante.’, he said.

He however believes that the producers are solely responsible for the industry’s current state. According to Mr. Beautiful, he isn’t done with movies.

“…I have lots of scripts. I want to do lots of things before I come out. I have not retired from shooting movies! How can I retire?” he wondered.




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