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I can’t last an hour without S€x – Nana Tornado


Ghana actor Emil Wood popularly known in showbiz as Nana Tornado shared an interesting revelation about himself during his interview on the latest episode of Celebrity Ride with Zionfelix.

Speaking on the show, the Ghanaian actor disclosed that he’s someone who cannot stay one hour without “chopping tonga” (having sex). He added that he has girlfriends he chops their tonga anytime he feels like.

The father of one, who has an 11-year-old daughter further disclosed to Zionfelix that he’s a pimp, and that connects a lot of Ghanaian girls to big men in the country, and I take my commission.

“Me, if I don’t chop tonga for one hour I feel restless. Eeeii, I am a man who has feelings okay.” the actor responded when Zionfelix asked him “if for the past 11 years who hadn’t had sex?”

“But you said you aren’t married” Zionfelix quizzed him further

“Don’t you know someone’s wife is another person’s lover. I do have girlfriends whom I chop their tonga every time because I am a pimp. I pimp Ghanaian girls for a lot of big men in the country but I can’t mention any names.” Nana Tornado added.