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‘I am not rude, I just like to mind my own business’ – Rapper E.L


One of Ghana’s favourite rappers, E.L, has rubbished public assertions that he is a rude person.

The rapper has stated that he is not rude but only likes to mind his own business. He told Natalia Andoh on the Touch of Class on Class91.3FM that his relationship with others depend on so many things including his mood.

“It depends on the mood I’m in. If I’m in a bad mood, I’ll be rude and I can’t be nice all the time” I don’t exude rudeness, I’m a welcoming person, I try to be as warm as I can…I’m not an introvert but I like to have my space” he said

The 2016 Vodafone Ghana Music Award (VGMA) Artiste of the Year further explained that: “It’s very uncomfortable when I’m in my zone and I’m thinking about different things and I’m at a certain energy level and somebody comes with a different energy level, it gets a little worrying, so for me, that is the type of person I am.

“There are people out there who don’t have a problem delving into the midst of the crowd and doing all that but I’m just a little more reserved, there are times when my adrenaline goes up and I want to be in the midst and I want to do all that but most of the time I’m very chilled and people misconstrue that as being rude”.

E.L also said he keeps to himself for fear of falling into trouble with people.

“Sometimes, too, I might need somebody and you can’t gauge how they are going to receive you because you don’t know what they think about you, what they have heard about you, so you approaching them is a little bit weird because you’re scared of the kind of reactions that you’re going to get, so, you stay away and people misconstrue that for rude as well.

I like to mind my own business and when you mind your own business people will think you are rude but I’m not rude” E.L gained fast regonition for his Afrobeats sound and has been in constant rise since the release of his debut album “Something Else” in June 2012.