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How Much Money Does It Take To Be Rich In These 10 Countries?


Being considered “rich” in any part of the world is a very relative term. It depends largely on the cost of living in the area. For example, $60,000 per year may be considered well off in a very rural community while this may be just scarping by in a more urban setting. That is why this list has been created to see what income levels would be considered “rich” in the top ten wealthiest nations per capita in the world. This does not mean the country as a whole is the wealthiest but instead that the average resident of that nation is wealthier than most. For this list, a value of triple the average income will be used to define “rich”. All income levels to be considered “rich” are listed in U.S. Dollars (USD). Find out below how much you need to make in each of the richest countries to be considered wealthy, starting with Hong Kong:

Hong Kong

Because it is so tax advantaged for thousands of companies, Hong Kong has quickly grown into one of the premiere business hubs of the world. With the average salary of $61,020 it would take an annual salary of $183,060 to be considered “rich” in this country.


The Swiss economy is based on very progressive policies that allowed it to recover quickly even after the financial recession of 2008. An average salary of $61,360 means a “rich” Swiss individual makes roughly $184,080 per fiscal year.

United Arab Emirates

The economy of the UAE is largely driven by oil but as oil prices have leveled out recently, other businesses have been attracted to the area. A per capita income of $68,250 makes being considered “rich” to be at least $204,750 annually although many oil barons of the country make far more than this.


This nation was able to benefit from the oil boom and also expand into other fields once the price leveled out. Its average annual salary $69,670 means that “rich” individuals make $209,010 per year.


The average Norwegian rakes in a respectable $70,590 per year making a “rich” persons salary in the neighborhood of $211,770 annually. This is due to strong growth from its largely positive relations with all other nations.


High education rates as well as tax laws that garner lots of foreign investment make the average salary of this nation $72,630. A “rich” resident of the Emerald Isle would be anyone making more than $217,890annually.


The boom of natural gas popularity made the average salary in this small country $76,740. To be considered “rich” in Brunei you would have to make a respectable $230,220.


The fact that Singapore is located at one of the most popular ports in the world has quickly grown its resident’s average salary to $90,530. So, to be considered “rich” here, an annual salary of $271,590 is required.


One of the most specialized and highly educated countries in the world, Luxembourg currently averages an annual salary of $109,190 for its entire population of less than one million residents.


Considered the richest country in the world per capita, Qatar relies heavily on their extremely rich oil supplies to account for their average salary of $124,930 per person. To be considered “rich” in the richest country in the world, you would have to bring in an astounding $374,790 per year.