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Great Britain’s Exquisite Suit Brand “Jennis & Warmann” Establishes New Store in Ghana!


London style and fashion aficionados can very much attest that, Jennis and Warmann, known as “J&W” for short produce archetypal delicate unisex looks in England for several years. The brand name might lure you to contemplate is solely foreign, but it is firmly a Ghanaian owned brand with Ghanaian designers.

The executive quality fashion Marque, Jennis & Warmann has been appropriately launched in Ghana’s capital city, Accra – Haatso to commence trade and style operations for the benefit of fashion consumers of which seeks to render luxury menswear at an outstanding revolutionary price.

Counting from Ghana’s authentic musician & philanthropist Okyeame and the dapper Lexis Bills among others, the grand opening of the marque in Ghana saw high-size fashion enthusiasts and the media in attendance.

At the launch, Jennis & Warmann revealed that they are not another western company coming to inaugurate in Ghana looking to make as much money as possible from Ghanaians. The brand has come to Ghana with the ambition to make friends, building great relationships, form part of a generation of men who project style and class.

They showcased how to remain royally Ghanaian with a touch of British tailoring in their suits as reflected in the bespoke suit that was handcrafted by Jennis and Warmann for multiple awards winning music act and family oriented personality, Okyeame Kwame. A suit that was designed by a Ghanaian, tailored in Great Britain with a touch of Ghana’s beautiful culture.

For Okyeame Kwame, an advocate of solely Ghanaian made products, a Kente cloth was used to add a fabulous character to his suit. A fully customized suit with the “OK” logo embroidered in it. How much more personal can this get?

Okyeame Kwame at the Launch of “Jennis & Warmann” Ghana

A demonstration on how well the Jennis & Warmann can fit all body sizes and shapes with a smoked pinstriped executive three-piece suit was conducted for Lexis Bill at the grand launch.

For Lexis is one of the physically fit, muscular and well-built men around, his suit (pictured below) was made to reflect his physique and this was complemented with a stylish waistcoat.

Jennis and Warmann attached some style to the executive suit for Lexis Bills.

About Jennis & Warmann

Jennis & Warman’s trade commenced with a fighting attitude and a very lofty ambition, with focus to offer high end, high quality luxury menswear whilst leading the wat for the current generation of style-conscious gentlemen. Every idea starts with an essential problem and that of Jennis & Warmann were very simple – Great suits are too expensive to afford. Reasonably priced suits look too cheap and don’t last

Owner of Jennis & Warman Brand

The label produces suits and other apparels with finer, smoother and thinner fabric that are well refined and of high quality and extremely durable. According to the designers, the ideas for the production of their authentic suits were well researched.

Jennis & Warmann are officially in Ghana to create luxury wardrobe with care and attention to detail – That is their foremost aim.

Find Jennis & Warmann store in Accr and join the quintessentially bespoke family of great apparels today.

The marque Jennis and Warmann is strictly owned by a fabulous Ghanaian married couple. Jennis the husband is the designer and Warmann the wife is the business development manager.