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Ghanaians Still Need VISA to Visit South Africa – Visa Application Centre (VFS Global)


South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs on July 10, 2019 pronounced Ghana as one of the 7 new countries to enjoy visa-free entry to the on the southernmost tip of the continent of Africa. This means holders of Ghanaian passports do not need to go through the hustle of applying for a visa if they intend to travel to the republic of South Africa for short stay visits for a period of not exceeding 90days. (CLICK HERE TO FREE IF YOU MISSED)

The department of home affairs tweet the 7 new countries added to the visa-free entry list of South Africa on it official twitter page.

VFS Global, an entity serving as the visa application center for South Africa, UAE, Jordan and some other Schengen states invalidated the said visa-free entry policy for Ghanaian passport holders – Monte Oz Live can boldly confirm. A customer service agent at VFS Global (South Africa section) earlier this morning (12.07.2019) on phone revealed that, Ghanaians still need a visa to enter the republic of South Africa for any kind of travel purpose, for they have no information about the trending visa-free benefits granted to Ghanaian passport holders on the 10th of July, 2019.

“We have no information from the South African high commission in Ghana concerning the Visa-Free policy, so every Ghanaian traveling to South Africa must apply for a short or long stay visa until further notice from the high commission” – The VFS Global Agent said to Monte OZ on phone upon calling to confirm the newly proclaim Visa-Free entry for Ghanaians.

MonteOzLive.com is fully on the mission to provide readers, especially Ghanaian passport holders with information concerning the Visa-Free Policy as announced by the Department of Home Affairs.

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