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Forbes VS Wilbur Ross: The US Secretary of Commerce who faked being a billionaire for 13 years


Wilbur Ross, the current United States Secretary of Commerce is in the news for all the wrong reasons and it has to do with him faking being a billionaire since 2004,

Forbes magazine just released a lenghty report that indicts him saying, ‘Forbes had listed his net worth at $2.9 billion on The Forbes 400 in 2004, a number Ross claimed was far too low: He maintained he was closer to $3.7 billion. Now, after examining the financial-disclosure forms he filed after his nomination to President Donald Trump’s Cabinet, which showed less than $700 million in assets, Forbes was intent on removing him entirely’.

‘Ross protested, citing trusts for his family that he said he did not have to disclose in federal filings. “You’re apparently not counting those, which are more than $2 billion,” he said. When asked for documentation, the 79-year-old demurred, citing “privacy issues.” Told that Forbes nonetheless planned to remove him from the list for the first time in 13 years, he responded: “As long as you explain that the reason is that assets were put into trust, I’m fine with that.” And when did he make the transfer that allowed him to not disclose over $2 billion? “Between the election and the nomination.”.

‘So began the mystery of Wilbur Ross’ missing $2 billion. And after one month of digging, Forbes is confident it has found the answer: That money never existed’. 

Read the full report by Forbes HERE.