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Do Not Fly With “Air Namibia” to South Africa as a Ghanaian or Nigerian, YOU MIGHT BE DEPORTED! (Watch Video)


Are you traveling to the Republic of South Africa with Air Namibia or somewhat thinking/planning on using Air Namibia to South Africa? WAIT A MINUTE!!! Rethink your decision before you book the Namibian flight.

There’s a High Possibility That, You Will Be Sent Back to Your Country No Matter Your Purpose of Traveling.

I bumped into a very unpleasant encounter at the Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia whilst on transit to cover a business and fashion festival of the eThekwini Municipality in Durban, South Africa months ago, but Johannesburg was my destination on my ticket for I booked a Domestic flight that will fly me off to Durban a day after my arrival at OR Tambo International Airport.

I was well-off to rescue myself out of the situation as met at the point of my transit with Air Namibia in Windhoek. So I’m penning down this article with a video clarification support underneath to feed you with information on what you must do to ensure a smooth travel with Air Namibia if that is the only option you have or find yourself flying with them.

Do not expect any friendly gesture or reception from the Cabin Crew whilst on-board or from the airline ground staff whilst on transit, if you are a West African, you don’t enjoy such treats, I can confirm that based on my experience to and fro my entire trip to South Africa with Air Namibia.

Air Namibia for the records is the cheapest airline one can fly within this continent of Africa to over 17 destinations, with one European destination to their credit (Frankfurt, Germany). It is the official National airline of the Republic of Namibia, a country where the famous beautiful Namib Desert can be found. And for those who do not know, Namibia is larger than France and the United Kingdom combined.

You can fly Air Namibia for a low as $188usd (Round-Trip) to Johannesburg, but I cannot guarantee your enjoyment on the flight due to poor inflight entertainment service. I basically sat on a seat with a broken arm-rest but it wasn’t the worse flight I have flown my entire life. Their food is good, that I can attest LOL.

But the dangerous part of traveling with Air Namibia is when you arrive at the transit point. You will be cross-examined as a West African in a very unfriendly and the most embarrassing manner. You will be asked to present your boarding pass and passport at a counter before crossing the security check to the boarding gate. It doesn’t sound that easy as you read… Before crossing to the security, the person who asked you to present your boarding pass and passport will then request to see your invitation letter you used in applying for the South African visa as patched in your passport, and there the terrible drama begins.

Before you even check in with Air Namibia from your departure point or your home country airport, there is a slight dramatic moment awaiting you at check-in counter. The Kotoka international airport in Ghana is particular has this “SHOW PHYSICAL CASH” policy for all passengers traveling to South Africa no matter the airline. But Air Namibia adds extra stress to your burdens as a passenger when you arrive at the check in point.

Watch this video below for full details on what happens to West African passengers who travel to South Africa with Air Namibia.