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Davido apologizes for body shaming a lady who accused him of selling his soul


After being called out on social media, Davido apologises for body shaming a lady who attacked him overr his political views and affiliation. Nigerian singer, Davido has reacted to allegations that he body-shamed a social media user, @_T.lolo, after she called him out over his political affiliations.

The lady accused Davido of selling his soul to win votes for the political parties his supporting… Davido replied with insults sl*t-shaming her.

This action was largely condemned by many, who accused him of body shaming her.

Davido addressed the allegations in a lengthy post. He stated that he knows the lady personally and she could come directly to him, but rather went to accuse him online, this action he claimed hurt him so bad.

According to him, he’s friends with the girl and her boyfriend. If anything, she should’ve talked to him privately and not put it out there on social media.

Davido started by clarifying that he had never gotten any cash from the PDP to join their campaign.

He also addressed reports that there is a beef between himself and Wizkid, stating that Wizkid or his team never mentioned him in any of their post, neither has he.

According to him, seeking clouts and maybe recognition, drove him mad and he’s aware he might have overreacted but himself is a human being. He’s very sorry.

See what he wrote below;