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Counselor Lutterodt advises Ernest Opoku to reject Nayas’ pregnancy


For a moment, you would think the drama between gospel musician Ernest Opoku and movie producer and actress Nayas is fictional or a scene taken out of a Kumawood movie.

I mean how else do you explain renowned gospel musician fornicating, licking the vagina of a woman who is menstruating; and after pregnancy sets in, the peeved woman gathers a bundle of canes and besiege the premises of a radio station where the singer was having a live worship session to flog him mercilessly.

This is unbelievable! Well, trust counselor Lutterodt to poke his ‘long’ nose into this viral story.

According to the controversial counselor, Ernest Opoku should not accept the pregnancy because Nayas does older men so there’s a high possibility one of those older men impregnated her.

Mr. Lutterodt said the actress some weeks ago confessed in an interview that she loves to sleep with older men; an indication that her pregnancy could be for one of the old men she has been sleeping with.

He indicated that the actress is a disgrace to women because she was not raped or forced to sleep with Ernest Opoku and is not justified to disgrace the artiste like she is currently doing.

To a degree, counselor Lutterodt is right. If Nayas, real name Gladys Mensah Boaku could be that foolish to allow herself to be used by Ernest, disgracing him and physically assaulting him publicly is way out of order.

She wasn’t forced or raped, these words should echo in her mind.