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Bingo! African Musicians Can Now Track Real-Time Airplay of Their Songs With “Qisimah Audio Insights”!


Qisimah! An International Broadcast Monitoring Portal Introduced in Ghana

A global broadcast monition platform branded as Qisimah Audio Insights has been appropriately unveiled in Ghana to commence it usage. The unveiling ensued at Ghana’s ministries of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation, in the nation’s capital Accra – Headed By Hon. Prof. Frimpong Kwabena Boateng.

Hon. Prof. Frimpng Kwabena Boateng Seated With Qisimah Envoy and His Executives at the Unveiling of the Audio Insights!

Qisimah is a wide range radio content monitoring platform that delivers to key stakeholders in the African music industry with real-time data in regards to their music, by tracking;

Who is playing your song? In regards to radio stations

The Minister of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation, Hon. Prof Kwabena Frimpong Boateng in Shot with the Makers of “Qisimah”

Where is your song being played? – Specifically which countries and with the data extracted from the portal as follows below.

  • Music rights collection agencies are cable to effectively collect royalties on behalf of their members.
  • Musicians are able to tell where their music is trending geographically.
  • Music Award schemes are able to award nominees according to real-time data, giving them credibility.
  • Research institutions are able to truly understand how music is consumed by the masses; by understanding which genres are trending in different regions of the world.
  • Music executives are able to discover new talent by knowing which musicians are trending different parts of the world.
  • Last but certainly not the least of it; help government enforce broadcast related legislation and regulations.

This is a demo on how the portal operates:

It’s been stated it take a village to raise a child, Qisimah’s win belongs to Ghana, but more prominently the rest of this continent of Africa. An African is just as good as anyone to compete on the global stage. Thus it is relevant for Ghana to care for this authentic project.

For the records, Qisimah counts in as one of the 5 winners of the Global World Summit Awards for the said category, “Most innovative digital solution in Business & Commerce”.

The portal (Qisimah) is fully Ghanaian built and comprised by a Pan-African team seeking to provide an African first real-time music intelligence platform that is going to change the Africa and global music industry for the best.

Meet the Executive of Qisimah as profiled below.




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