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“Because my children are not on social media doesn’t make me a bad mother”: Keyshia Ka’oir admits she has kids but chooses to keep them out of the spotlight


For a very long time, there have been speculations that newly married Keyshia Ka’oir has kids and though she took to Twitter hours after her wedding to say she doesn’t have kids in Jamaica, she has now admitted that she does, in fact, have kids.

In a new episode of Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir’s wedding special on BET, The Mane Event, Keyshia had a yacht brunch date with singer Monica Brown and she opened up to her about the hateful comments online calling her a bad mother for not acknowledging her kids.

“Gucci and I do have kids,” she admitted and Monica looked taken aback.

"Because my children are not on social media doesn

She went on to tell Monica that she and Gucci chose to keep the kids offline but it doesn’t mean they were abandoned.

“I’m a damn good mother. How I’ve been dealing with these kids is the right way. Just because I’m not on Snapchat or Instagram Live with the kids doesn’t make me less of a parent.”

Keyshia went on to reveal that Monica has met her daughter, named Dior, in person and that’s the way she prefers it to be, not letting the whole world see them on social media. She said she’s a private person and as such likes to keep her kids off social media.

“You met Dior, you know, we bring them to the shows and stuff like that but I’m super private. But if I see you, I’ll say ‘Oh hey Monica, this is Dior, this is my daughter. But you’re not gonna meet them from online.”

“Because they are not on social media doesn’t make me a bad mother,” Keyshia added.

She continued: “I talked to Gucci about it and he’s like ‘don’t worry about it, let them talk'”

Keyshia later thanked Monica Brown for coming to their little “yacht brunch” to which Monica told her that there’ll be more yacht brunches because she and Gucci will be married “for a long long time” and Keyshia replied that they will be married “forever”.

Goodluck to her. Hopefully their marriage will last forever like she hopes.




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