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#BBNiaja: Cee-C gets emotional, Alex makes Tobi talk with her and resolve their differences

While you most likely were asleep last night Big brother niaja housemates Cee-C and Tobi were trying to mend their broken relationship.
The pair of them had a really deep and honest conversation about the state of their relationship and how they wanted to proceed with it.
Cee-c had allegedly been crying and Alex asked Tobi to go and talk with her. The former strategic partner were able to sit down and trash out their differences after mostly avoiding each other for some days now.
Cee-C asked him if he was comfortable with the way things are with them and his reply was that he has peace of of mind.
Watch the videos below;

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tunde_2013 Cry from now till nextweek,it ain’t changing things. You have just 9days left wait for baba didi and small doctor to welcome you at the airport and continue your toxic sadistic life

promise_joyous  You don’t just judge people anyhow.I feel for that girl@cee c

gamo_inc Playing pity card. Madam, u are yourself’s enemy. You chose not to be free with other housemates and you tagged them as ur enemies when they chose to let u be. You really need to purge your soul madam.

charmrez615 Ceece she doesn’t listen, she does talks talk n talksas stuipt

doyinsolafash That’s y Alex is positive vibes

gloriachoji@roliobiebi how was it alex? Chai its obvious u only watch this show on IG.
lilz___Toxic sadistic child. Leave this boy to be great. You are your own enemy Ceec

obianuju_nwa@roliobiebi took over…is Tobi a wood?…his got a mind of his own….he stayed wia he wanted….tobi came after Alex…not d oda way round

roliobiebiI love u 4 dis, useless boy

gloriachoji All these ceec fans that are so full of themselves,if u all wish her good u will want her to settle so she can have that inner peace,because that’s what she lack and is not good for her health. All cee c fans and cee c herself pls swallow ur pride and accept the truth,being strong is when u make peace with ppl and have inner peace,and not when bitterness is showing all over ur face that makes u a strong woman biko.

crownyzcorner My Alex the peace queen

mulenga.ben157 CeeC is her own enemy tobi treated her like a queen but she kept on saying tobi is childish tobi is that tobi this, from my own observation tobi is not childish at all he is a matured guy so nice to people as well as a gud person to other housemates.tobi for the money.

charliee.anne I pray say she cry. My Ceec is strong. She doesn’t need pity not from the double faced bitch alex

lindiwe_motlemekwane My love for Cee-C and Tobi even though they are separated! To hell with their indifferences and Alex. But then I’ll vote Cee-C because she’s a woman.

afrofashionista She needs to move on already.

debunmi_ajebutter@chimoniq this babe ur head dey dere… Ur comment was not biased. I hope ceec can find d good in people like Nina told her.

lolaadebo Tobi pls don’t listen to her. She is not a wife material, someone that can insult a man. She is not ready. (Respect as yoruba demands)

patricia.abah.56Alex Alex home advise.i love your ways

roliobiebi Take it or leave it Alex did not contribute 2 dis, she felt guilty after lolu n koko said d truth, Alex is a snake n she can only bite herself. She wants Mina 2 settle but don’t want ceebi, bcos of her own selfishness, fans re seeing dis but don’t want 2 b truthful 2 their selves, Alex can deceive man but can never deceive God.

roliobiebi I was awake throughout d night up till now glue 2 my TV, I fear God.
d_schola7220@chimoniq you are very observant and you’ve said it all. CeeC is a loser .

roliobiebi Obviously u need f ambulance

olayemiokeji @tobibakre you will not die untimely that’s if you stay away from CeeC Cynthia before she starts wishing you and Alex death like dat way she killed her boyfriend with evil thinking.