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Angry Tic Tac Says: Most Young Ghanaian Musicians Don’t Respect Especially Shatta Wale


Tic Tac is angry and the reason for being angry is that he says some of the young musicians in this country don’t show them respect.

According to the musician, the young musicians do not respect the old ones who made their mark in the industry back in the day.

Speaking to Doctor Cann on Happy FM’s Showbiz Xtra, Tic Tac mentioned Shatta Wale’s name as one of the people who doesn’t respect him, saying that, Shatta Wale once described him as not being smart.

“Most of the young musicians don’t respect us. I mean we who made a mark in the music industry those days”

“These days some artistes are popular and trendy because of social media so they don’t respect but when it comes to music data it count a lot, I’m saying this because the level of disrespect is too much,” he fumed.

The veteran hiplife artiste further explained “you would hear Shatta Wale speaking against Ex Doe in an interview, Can you also imagine the Same Shatta Wale revealing in an interview that me Tic Tac I’m not smart,” he angrily told the host on Happy FM.

Tic Tac is known in real life as Nana Kweku Duah also added “If you don’t praise me today in respect to what I have done for the industry, I won’t praise you tomorrow. That is the other of the day in this country, no disrespect is going to function in this industry” he declared.

Tic Tac is also reported to have said that, Shatta Wale shouldn’t have been invited to the Flagstaff house because of his behaviour.




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