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Abayomi Shogunle promises to give N25k each to anyone that can share 4 videos of Nigerian police brutality


Assistant Commissioner Of Police, Abayomi Shogunle threw up a challenge while sharing a video of a US police officer repeatedly punching a man on the face yesterday. He says Nigerian police officers don’t punch their citizens.

Abayomi asked for Nigerians to post videos of policemen punching any Nigerian and that he would give N25,000 each for all 4 videos. According to him, only videos posted under his tweet will be considered.

Watch the video he shared below

Some Nigerians have posted some videos which he has waved off. See some of the videos and his response below

Yomi Shogunle was recently under fire for tweeting about the Special Anti-Robbery Squad #EndSARS campaign.

Shogunle has always stated that he is a firm believer that videos surfacing on the internet about SARS are mere allegations against the Police institution. He has also restated that there must be a burden of proof to show that there was a brutality.

However, he finally agreed to #EndSARS on the condition that Nigerians retweet his #EndSARS tweet 186 million times.

Aggreived Nigerians expressed their disappointment on Twitter for his terrible show of leadership and height of insensitivity.