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A Walking Routine to Help You Shed Excess Fat


Being overweight can lead to a lot of health issues, one of them being cardiovascular diseases. Aside from that, excess body fat also hinders a person’s flexibility and stability. If you are struggling with weight issues, there are several ways you can shed off that extra weight.

However, the simplest yet most effective routine is walking. Yes, there is a walking plan for weight loss. What makes this routine effective form any is that you will not need any special gym equipment – just a pair of walking shoes.

What’s more, walking is a low-impact workout so you will not suffer from any joint pains after your routine. Let’s get started.

Warm Up

A warm-up session is essential to trigger or stimulate your muscles and joints. For your warm up, you can start by walking at a slow pace. On the other hand, you can do a few stretching exercises.

Working on Your Intensity

Your primary goal is losing weight, so at one point you’ll need to increase the intensity of your walking. To do this, start with a slow walk, for around three to four minutes. Then up your speed a little bit to moderate intensity for approximately four to five minutes.

You can use the talk test to measure your walking intensity; at a low intensity, you can hold a conversation or even sing. Moving on to moderate power you should find it difficult to maintain a conversation but be able to respond to short questions.

Once you have got it right at the slow-to-average intensity, you can switch your pace up to higher power for around two to three minutes.

Distance vs. Time

This has always been a tricky topic when it comes to which is the more efficient barometer of the two when it comes to walking.

According to experts, focus on distance rather than time. Walking for a longer duration doesn’t necessarily mean you are covering considerable mileage. Always set your targets in terms of distance. Once you are comfortable with the distance you can then work on covering the same distance in a shorter time.

Supplements and Diet

When it comes to weight loss, diet plays a significant role. It is always best you reduce the number of calories you consume per day. This will trigger your body to burn the extra fat to compensate for its energy needs.

Additionally, go for a high-protein diet. Protein will leave you feeling fuller for longer, cutting off cravings. More so, this will also promote muscle growth which will help you in your weight loss program.

Supplements such as whey protein and work enhancement products, such as those from 120kgs.com, can also be great additions to your walking routine.

Rest Days

Resting is essential to allow your muscles time to recover and rebuild. On your rest days, you can opt for an active recovery session. An active recovery workout involves light exercises that allow you to relax, while at the same time triggering calorie burning.

Such exercises may involve swimming, cycling, or yoga.