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5 Signs To Look Out For If You Suspect Your Partner Is Cheating

Infidelity in a relationship can be emotionally debilitating to anyone on the short end of the stick. Most often than not, the signs of cheating exist, which one might overlook or one might not even know what to look out for.

The possibility that a partner is cheating when you suspect he’s cheating, is high. Most likely when there’s that gut feeling or a hunch that a partner is cheating, he’s cheating. This is because the human body picks up vibrations subconsciously before our conscious mind does. Here are some five signs to look out for if you suspect your partner of cheating:

CHANGE IN BEHAVIOUR OR ATTITUDE: This change could include your partner being more critical of you, picking fights often and usually over trivial things, sudden change in hobbies, being more individualistic and barely including you in activities, being overly defensive when infidelity is mentioned, using gadgets away from you as if to conceal information, etc.

SUDDENLY BEING OVERLY AFFECTIONATE: Studies have shown that most often than not, a cheating partner tends to become suddenly overly affectionate with his partner, to compensate for his infidelity. Other times, this sudden surge in affection occurs because the cheating has “inspired” him to be more affectionate. The key word here is SUDDEN. It could also mean your partner suddenly wants and has more sex with you.

FIVE SIGNS TO LOOK OUT FOR IF YOU SUSPECT YOUR PARTNER IS CHEATINGSUDDENLY BEING LESS AFFECTIONATE: As a manifestation of guilt, a cheating partner could suddenly become less affectionate because of his infidelity. Also, suddenly being less affectionate could also be as a result of losing interest in his partner because he’s cheating. It could also mean your partner suddenly wants and has less sex with you.

INDIFFERENCE: It can hardly be faked to the tee. It’d mean that when a person gives of the impression that he’s indifferent, most often than not, he’s genuinely indifferent. Indifference ordinarily manifests as not caring about what goes on with one’s partner, as well as in the relationship. The person stops caring, he’s uninvolved, distant, etc. It’s not a sign to overlook in a relationship especially if you suspect that your partner is cheating.

LYING: Studies have shown that generally, men tell more lies daily, than women do. This obviously means at the end of the day, we all tell lies. It’s virtually normal to tell white lies; telling a person you’ll call back for example, and not doing so. However, where a partner lies about his schedules, whereabouts, etc. and it’s found out, it’s a cause to worry and likely a sign that he’s cheating.

PS: “He” is used here, for both genders.