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5 reasons why some Ghanaians prefer self-medication to hospitals


In recent times, there has been a flurry of news items focused on deaths in medical facilities in Ghana.

Several factors have been identified as being responsible for the unfortunate developments.

This often forces some people to resort to alternative means of medication, as they wish to do all they can to get better.

YEN.com.gh brings to you 5 reasons why some Ghanaians may opt for self-medication, rather than visiting a medical facility.

. Instances of wrong medication: 

YEN.com.gh earlier reported that three people lost their lives due to injections they allegedly received at the Senchi Health Centre in the Eastern region.

Preliminary investigations have revealed that the deaths were as a result of wrong injections given.

2. Cost of health care: 

At some health facilities, patients are often compelled to spend a lot on drugs, as well as services offered. A dash into a pharmacy to get some medication is often preferred in such an instance.

3. Undue delays: 

It is often an agonizing experience to visit a medical facility, only to wait for long hours. When unwell, one is often tempted to secure some drugs in order to feel better.

4. Lack of required equipment in medical facilities: 

Some medical facilities are often in operation but without the basic equipment to help in the provision of health services.

When such a perception reaches the general public, there is often the temptation to resort to other means.

5. Negligence by some staff of some medical facilities: 

In some medical facilities, some staff reportedly exhibit negligent attitudes much to the chagrin of patients, as well as other visitors.

In such a case, a pharmacy could be a better option for some people.