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5 Countries in Africa Where Africans Are “Very Racist” to Fellow Africans!


Let me make this clear once and for all.

Believe it – RACISM does not only exist in the Americas, Asia and the European Union states; it is very much alive and awesomely active in the continent of Africa of which Blacks and colored Africans are extremely unfair towards their corresponding Africans. I’ve been a victim and witness at the same Damn Time on several occasions, most specific in the Southern & the Northern part of ‘Mother Africa’ which so happens to be my topmost favorite destinations on this continent of Africa.

I (Monte OZ) created a poll on my Instastory on Instagram, asking my followers if I should reveal countries in Africa where “Blacks Suffer Racism” from Blacks and the mass voted with 89% “YES”. So to fulfil the request, I with experience in no particular order present to you the top 5 countries in Africa Where Black Africans Suffer Racism from Fellow Africans.

  • Republic of Namibia

Namibia, a country with the mixture of both White and Black race, NOT at 30years old yet is one kingdom that still has it black citizens and black foreigners suffer the acts of Racism for several reasons I can’t even explain. The nation is a beautiful destination larger than France and the United Kingdom of Great Britain combined, spotted in Southwest Africa and well distinguished by the famous Namib Desert. Airport staffs of this country are friendly to Blacks from it neighboring countries like South Africa, Zambia and Lesotho among the rest travelling through their airports. If you are from the other part of this continent, and you are Black, make sure you have money, filthy rich to enjoy equal friendliness and aid as their neighboring citizens. If not, prepare to meet interesting but unpleasant racist characters upon arrival at the Airport, especially when an airline from Accra, Lagos or any part of West Africa lands in Windhoek, Hosea Kutako International Airport. You will be welcome on the grounds like you not part of the world. The checks that will be conducted on you for arriving from West Africa is just all kinds of heartbreak.

Namibia is not all rotten with racism. Trust me, there are some very civilized and spontaneously friendly and beautiful people out there (BUT THEY ARE FEW). Air Namibia flight attendants in particular are not even friendly at all, they fake it throughout your journey to Namibia (That is another story to be published soon). Note that, Namibia is a country, similar like South Africa. The Afrikaans are strong there.

  • Morocco

Morocco as influenced by Berber, Arabian and European cultural operates like it doesn’t belong to the African continent. Well! The true is that, it’s fully white driven.

This nation is another one with heavy records of Racism on Blacks from Africa but it has it limit. It’s becoming more open and adaptable to non-northern African nationals for the reason that it seeks more businesses and travelers in the country in other to boost its Tourism GDP (Gross Domestic Products).

Morocco appears friendly for sure but it is not all that friendly for Blacks of Africa.

  • Libya

Libya is a North African Arabian country that still sees Slavering immigrants as the most relevant business on the planet. Racism is at its highest in that nation and with that said, Blacks are enslaved, molested, raped and sold out. If you are black, seeking to travel for holiday, honeymoon or for business, Libya is wrong destination.

The country used to be one of the sweetest to relocate and visit during Muammar Abu Al Gaddafi’s Reign.

  • Egypt

Egyptians naturally seem to dislike blacks for they believe Blacks are impure. The sad part is, the 21st century Egyptian living in the northeast of Africa carries same mentality of their ancestors. I’m yet to meet an Egyptian who doesn’t take Black Africans for granted.

Blacks mean nothing to Egypt – In their minds they are better than Black people.

  • South Africa

The mother of them all… South Africa a.k.a Mzansi is like my second home, for I visit it extremely frequently.

For those who do not know, South Africa is the most multicultural land in the continent of Africa and on the Southern tip of it with fabulous beaches and amazing natural landscapes.

It is a country that has citizens refusing to be called “Africans” but rather call people who come outside of it “Africans”, especially when you are from Congo, Angola, Nigeria, Burundi, Ghana, Zimbabwe and the rest… A typical example is when the Xenophobia attack stroked. They proclaimed Black foreign nationals as “THOSE AFRICANS FROM THE AFRICAN COUNTRIES”. How exclusively dumb is that?

For God sake, South Africa even has the biggest portion of the African continent and has everything Africa in it. South Africa is more African that the rest of Africa. If they don’t know I am saying it today.

I love South Africa and adore it so very much but the level of dumbness (Pardon Me) is getting out of the rime. Black South Africans make it seem more like they are the most depressed people on earth who are forever stuck in the pains of Apartheid.

They capitalize on the devastation and pains of the Apartheid in this 21st century to retaliate people who did not cause it (Black Foreign Nationals). Many black South Africans still carry that pain and anger of their forefathers who suffered such devastation which cause them to be still timid and worship the whites who still reside and operate in Mzansi.

Many Black South Africans still pay homage to Whites than their own Blacks South Africans. In shopping centers and malls as an instance, you will notice all counter clerks are blacks. They are quick to serve white South Africans with pleasure and full of grace whilst being a Black shopper at the malls feel more like the counter clerks are doing you a favor by issuing you a bill for goods you willingly came to purchase in order for him/her to get salary monthly.

It’s super sad, Majority of South Africans don’t regard Black foreign nationals as one of their own.

If you are a Black from any part of the world aside the United States of America, You are termed as “Ekwere Kwere” (Which Means Sh*t) but if you are an Asian, American or European, then you are a Tourist to them. Currently, Whites in South Africa on the other side are on the genocide in land the live and strive for freedom. I’m saving that topic for another day for this article is focusing on Blacks sufferings racism from Fellow Blacks.

Do not be surprise when racism and unfriendliness hit you when you find yourself in any of these countries I’ve listed above. You read it on Here on Monte Oz Live. Just prepare for it. Oh…. And i forgot to add that, South Africans are so extremely extra and very dramatic. Especially with majority of their educated ladies with better jobs.

If you know any other country in “AFRICA” can have blacks suffering from racism by fellow Blacks, please do share with me in the comment box below.