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I Believe Asamoah Gyan is More Than 30years – Atongo


Just recently popular movie actor,Kwadwo Nkansah ‘Lilwin’ called Black stars Captain Asamoah Gyan,a grown man.

In Africa,over 99% of the footballers are known for reducing their ages to help them prolong their career.

The real age of the Black Stars captain has come under severe scrutiny.But according to the legendary Asamoah Gyan, he is in his 30s.

After scoring his 50th goal for Ghana in an African cup qualifying match against Ethiopia,he celebrated his 50th goal milestone with a party at Joy FM.

Joining in the celebration of Gyan’s 50th goal milestone for the national team, the award winning actor Lilwin said he initially thought Asamoah Gyan was in his 30s as it had widely been reported ,but when he saw the 50 on the cake ,he was taken aback,and was convinced that could be Gyan’s real age.

Speaking as a panelist on the controversial segment;”Kromu Nsem” on Hot 93.9Fm’s drive time show ‘Hot Rush Hour’ ; General Atongo indicated that he also believes Asamoah Gyan is more than 30yrs.

Atongo explained that,Gyan’s head alone is more than 30yrs and his knee is also above 30yrs so when you combine the two ages, it’s obviously that the latter is even above 50yrs.

‘Kromu Nsem is a segment on ‘Hot Rush Hour’ drive time show on Hot 93.9fm, it seeks to delve into the real life situations of people around the world.’Hot Rush Hour’ is hosted by Dr.Who from Monday to Friday from 3:30 pm to 6pm.

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