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VIDEO: Racist White Man Slaps And Spits on Elderly Black Woman And It Turns Out She Was A Judge!


It was a sunny afternoon in downtown Chicago when Judge Arnette Hubbard decided to step outside and enjoy a smoke. Many greeted the 79-year-old, African American judge, as she nodded back with just a wisp of a smile.

Suddenly, someone not only verbally assaulted her but also went so far as to spit on the elder.
David Nicosia, 51, was apparently incensed that Judge Hubbard was smoking near him. He started an argument, got in her face and said, “Rosa Parks, move!”

Then he spat on her and proceeded to walk away.

But the judge called out for help and this time Nicosia reportedly turned around and slapped the judge.
By now the cops were there and arrested Nicosia. He was charged with four counts of battery and a hate crime.

Judge Hubbard is considered an icon in the Chicago community, so it has come as no surprise that a group of women gathered to support Judge Hubbard. The group protested outside the courthouse and also attended the preliminary hearing for Nicosia, who is facing jail time as well as fines. The hate crime is a felony alone and comes with a prison sentence at minimum.